of the State municipal enterprise on the right of economic management "Kokshetau Super Speciality Hospital Hospital" under the Akmola region Health Department

"By healing a person, we strengthen the health of the nation"


To become a competitive hospital accessible to the population, providing comprehensive specialized and highly specialized medical care through the introduction of innovative technologies and continuous improvement of accreditation standards and scientific achievements. The vision is focused on the principles of mission implementation and is an internal document describing the future of the hospital, prospects for further development in a competitive environment.

VALUES AND ETHICAL PRINCIPLES Mercy – assessment of the needs of each individual patient to provide high-quality services at competitive prices Respect – respect for the dignity and personality of patients Integrity – preservation of the proclaimed principles and high standards, demonstration of a high level of trust and decency both in relations with patients and within the staff of the Kokshetau City Multidisciplinary Hospital Collegiality – constant introspection and cooperation, as well as the creation of a system of trust based on the parity of responsibility and volume of work Openness – compliance with the principles of honesty and decency in personal and collective actions Professionalism is the focus of all their best knowledge, capabilities and experience on achieving high results for the benefit of the patient and the staff of the Kokshetau City Multidisciplinary Hospital, based on continuous development and training

PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: Improving the quality of inpatient medical care provided to the urban population, increasing the availability and quality of medical services within the guaranteed volume of free medical care. We want to improve the professional level of medical personnel and improving the material and technical base of the hospital. Ensuring safe working conditions for employees and patients, ensuring compliance with protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as approved standards of action for individual diseases. Reducing the number of complaints and reasons for patients' appeals, resolving disputes at the pre-trial stage through mediation.








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